Saying ‘I Do’ Amidst the Majestic Peaks

Step into the enchanting world of Chris and Tara’s wedding at The Barn on New River, where love and beauty unite in perfect harmony. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of sweeping mountain views, this picturesque venue served as the canvas for an unforgettable celebration. Inside the gorgeous interior of the barn, a mesmerizing chandelier cast a warm glow, creating an ambiance of rustic elegance. As you venture outside, immerse yourself in the serenity of the outdoor garden, where nature’s splendor enhanced the magic of the day. Join Chris and Tara on their journey of love and joy as you browse through their stunning photo gallery. From the radiant smiles to the heartfelt moments, every frame encapsulates the essence of their incredible day. Let their extraordinary wedding inspire your own dreams and remind you of the power of love and the beauty of a shared union.