There is no greater or more natural experience than the breathtaking splendor of a wedding held in the open air. The memories created at such a one-of-a-kind wedding event will endure a lifetime and will serve as an inspiration for future generations. Outdoor weddings have an inexplicable allure that can’t be described in words. Couples who want to exchange their vows in a unique setting might consider the breathtaking beauty of the great outdoors when they choose The Barn on New River for their venue, located in the beautiful mountains of West Jefferson, North Carolina. In this article, we cover some important tips for you to have a stress-free outdoor wedding.

In accordance with the characteristics described above, nature weddings will typically include many of the same aspects as traditional indoor weddings, as evidenced by the elements listed above in the preceding section. The sole exception to this rule is when it is raining or snowing.  If you are fortunate enough, the weather for your event may be really beautiful, and everyone will be delighted with the results. It is vital, however, to have a disaster recovery strategy in place in the event that something goes catastrophically wrong. Taking all of the previous into consideration, it makes sense to be conservative when it comes to the actual physical items that will be used throughout the event. The usage of a significant number of wedding rentals or decorations necessitates the development of an emergency evacuation plan if something goes wrong with the event. Remember to take full advantage of the beauty that your surroundings have to offer if you are planning a nature-themed wedding soon. It is the most beautiful setting for a lady and her man to publicly declare their love for one another because of the artistic splendor of nature. The main thing is to allow Mother Nature to supply the environment, and you will be able to participate in the celebration of all that is good and pure. A lovely outdoor wedding will be something you will be proud to tell your grandchildren about in the future.

Take along a warm sweater or shawl, and encourage your friends to do the same, because the High Country may be cool at night, regardless of the time of year. Along with summer, the “leaf season” in the High Country takes place in October, also considered the region’s peak season. During this period, the University of Appalachian’s Homecoming game, the Woolly Worm Festival, and other activities and Fall Festivals will be taking place, so make sure to book lodgings for your visitors well before their arrival. Keep this in mind for your outdoor ceremony/reception while you’re laying down a runner, shepherd’s hooks, or anything else in the ground. Bring a hammer and some nails in case the ground is rocky. Bobby pins and a blunt implement have undoubtedly been used to take down runners in the past. As a rule, the weather in the Boone/Blowing Rock/Banner Elk areas can be extremely unpredictable, so be sure you have a plan in place for when and if the weather turns too bad.

In the surrounding area, there are a plethora of local farms to visit. Inform the caterer about the possibilities of incorporating some locally sourced and/or organic foods and flowers into your event. While this isn’t strictly a regional preference, wedges are preferable to spiky heels if you’re going to be outside this is especially true if you’re in the wedding party, as you don’t want to sink into the ground as you walk down the aisle). It’s possible that it will be extremely windy in the High Country! Keep this in mind when making your table decorations, and don’t forget to carry double-sided tape with you. It will be easier to keep your table decorations from falling off during the meal if you strategically tape them to your tablecloth. It is recommended that you place a little bit of double-sided tape in the middle of the table once the table cloth has been straightened, followed by four small pieces of tape along the table’s sides. Consider drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural environment and the current season and allowing it to flow into your décor motif.

Weddings with a natural theme have long included floral arches, which make a gorgeous backdrop for the all-important “just married” portrait. But in order to preserve an environmentally sensitive mindset, it is vital that your flowers are in season and not imported from far away simply to fit color standards. Tulips and daffodils would be excellent for a spring wedding, but daisies, lilies, and a number of other flowers are not affected by the changing seasons and are available all year, allowing you a wide selection of floral options for your big day. Don’t be concerned!!! Little mishaps occur here and there, but it is these little blunders that make each person’s special day unique and memorable. Concentrate on the good and simply enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Everything else will take care of itself.