Planning a North Carolina mountain wedding in West Jefferson? Filled with history and gorgeous mountain and river backdrops, there are several of places that we would consider the best places for pictures in West Jefferson. West Jefferson is a very short drive from our venue location, and we hope that you venture out and about for some of your photographs. Many times couples will get dressed back up just for a few snapshots in front of these areas about town.

Certainly, the top spot for picturesque photos would be The Barn on the New River at SouthFork, our premiere Blue Ridge Mountain wedding venue. When you book your wedding at our location, you’ll have access to the barn, and the 100-acre property that surrounds the barn and the spectacular cabins. The New River makes a superb background. We have seen adventurous couples venture out into the river for some stunning photographs. Others opt to take their pictures near the river, with the mountains and landscape in the photos.

Downtown West Jefferson is dotted with 15 perfect murals that you can take photographs. The murals are painted on the historic buildings located throughout downtown and each pays homage to parts of Appalachian culture, history and beauty of the region. Murals such as, “Spring Wildflowers on Mount Jefferson”, and “New River Traditions” are murals that you could think about taking wedding photographs in front of.

This historic building is located at 5 West Main Street, in downtown West Jefferson. It houses a fantastic restaurant and bar and was once a hotel and tavern that served the Virginia Creeper railroad through the years of 1915 and 1977. It is outside is regularly decorated with seasonal accents and the structure would be a lovely backdrop for a few snapshots.

The ornate historic clock located near the building that houses Ashe High Country Realty, and in front of the mural, “Weathered Pines” by R.T. Morgan, would make an interesting photograph prop. It’s surrounded by some well-manicured landscaping and features a great antique shape and look.

Giant antique clocks such as this one really stand the test of time and make for photographs that you’ll cherish forever.

Who doesn’t dream of having 360 degree views in their wedding photographs. You can take photos atop a mountain by venturing up to the top of Mount Jefferson, the town’s highest mountain. There are several scenic spots where couples could have their picture taken.

You can pull off and take some spectacular photos here. The cabins are located right off the road and are easy to get to. There is a beautiful, lush field that surrounds them. If you are looking for a truly rustic small cabin to take pictures near, this is a spot to check out. This easy short hike takes you to a stone overlook location where you can see for miles and miles. The overlook view is dotted with mountain tops and valleys and would make a for a stunning backdrop.

It is surrounded by trees on three sides so lighting may prove to be a problem, however we have seen some really remarkable photos taking at this private spot. The trail is hardly used even in the busiest months, so you would not have to fight the crowds.

Located on the grounds of the RiverGirl Fishing Girl property, train buffs and those that like a vintage look may want to check out the train cars from the Virginia Creeper. RiverGirl Fishing Company turned the old railroad depot at Todd, North Carolina into their outpost, and moved two of the antique rail cars from the Virginia – Carolina Railway into their yard. These rusted out relics could make for some really adorable wedding photo scenery.

We hope that you book your outdoor North Carolina mountain destination wedding at The Barn on New River at SouthFork. If we can help you in any way with planning for your dream wedding, please let us know.