Many travels to the mountains of West Jefferson, North Carolina to spend time on the New River. Many return to celebrate special events such as your wedding day. North Carolina’s New River State Park is in Ashe County in the state of North Carolina. It is a 3,323-acre preserve in the New River watershed near Jefferson, North Carolina. One of the oldest rivers in the United States flows through the town of New River. In the summer, nothing beats soaking up the sun on the banks of the New River. Having a wedding by the river is not only a gorgeous backdrop but a nice environment that works for everyone on your special day.

Even though riverside wedding locations are a natural fit for rustic-style riverfront weddings, we also recognize that not every couple falls into this category. A wedding by the New River in Ashe County, North Carolina, can be on your bucket list if you’re a bride or groom. A river or lake is an excellent spot to get married because of its beautiful scenery, proximity to nature, and low cost, making it ideal for a low-budget wedding. Riverside is an ideal location for a wedding. It is possible to create a lovely bridal altar of greenery, a semi-circular one made of pampas grass, or a stylish circular one decorated with pampas grass and foliage. Having a beautiful river as a backdrop for your wedding ceremony is a wonderful idea.

As a general rule, riverside wedding receptions are laid-back and bohemian in nature. Placemats made of burlap, candles, wildflowers, and burlap runners would all be lovely additions. With a stunning view of the river, your wedding reception will be perfect. On a boat adorned with flowers and vegetation, take a scenic ride down the river. In the river or on the bank, you can take beautiful wedding photos. Afterward, serve your guests a decadent wedding cake with drip, donuts, and fresh foliage. However, if you decide to decorate for your Ashe County River wedding, the guest will be in awe at the beauty they will see.

When we think of the New River and being in the countryside, we think of a rustic theme. These weddings in the mountains of North Carolina are gaining quickly in popularity due to the laid-back nature and simplistic beauty involved. Vintage is a more polished cousin of the rustic aesthetic. Lace tablecloths could replace the burlap ones, and flower-patterned china teacups could replace the Mason jars.

However, despite the fact that some wedding planners may have had enough of both styles, their clients haven’t. In today’s society, what about rustic and antique weddings appeal to us? “Big white wedding” in a hotel ballroom is what these weddings are not. Organic elements such as expansive florals, timber, and rustic aesthetics and attire are what most couples envision when they think of a country wedding. This is true even if the chosen site is contemporary. The popularity of barn wedding locations has been steadily increasing over the last few years. While the atmosphere is secluded and private, many couples find it romantic and welcoming. Barns, on the other hand, come with gorgeous scenery and plenty of room for your visitors. Celebrating your wedding day in a small town like Ashe County has many perks, and many diverse options to finish your day with a bang.

The river itself is symbolic to many. When it comes to depicting the journey a hero must take, the river is an excellent choice. Our story progresses along with the river. The river can represent more than just a path to follow; it can also represent a drop into or out of something. What a nice analogy to your wedding, a start to a new beginning together and flowing through life as one. Storytelling is perhaps the most common way rivers have captivated our imaginations. The river is more than just a physical location in many compelling stories; it serves as a metaphor for something far deeper. Because water is a universal solvent, loving others through difficult times reminds us of water as a metaphor of love.

Water creeps into everything, and keeping it out of your house is impossible. Water softens everything, even the hardest things.  Even in the tiniest and most obscure places, water finds its way. When we love others unconditionally, we put ourselves in a position of support rather than self-aggrandizement, and we actually care about their happiness rather than our own. Getting married next to the New River can hold many deep meanings and makes for an interesting story.

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