Are you planning your wedding? Do you want your wedding to be traditional, or unique? If you’re looking for something different, consider getting married in a barn! Barn weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Here are the top 10 reasons why barn weddings are better:

1.     The price tag associated with booking the venue. Depending on the time of year you decide to get married, there may be certain seasons during which it will be cheaper to get married in a barn versus other venues. For example, if you are looking for a summer wedding in the South, you may be offered cheaper rates than at other times of the year. Check with your wedding venue to see if the barn is air-conditioned for the comfort of your guests, so you know what time of year is best for your ceremony!

2.     Ample space to accommodate guests. No matter how charming your favorite church is, the truth is there’s nothing like the spacious floorplan of a barn to accommodate people you love during your special day! Make sure your dream barn venue also has plenty of room for parking, though this typically isn’t an issue for an authentic barn in the countryside. More open space means more possibilities in terms of events, food carts, bars, and catering, and games like horseshoes or croquet.

3.     Built-in spaces for gathering and getting ready. Many barn venues offer guests ample space to prepare for the ceremony like space for the bride and groom. This means both parties in the ceremony can relax and get ready for their big moment without having to commute from a different location.

4.     The gorgeous setting. Where there are barns, there are likely animals and beautiful countryside to enjoy for a truly unparalleled event. Barn weddings offer even those of us with the most hustle or inclination towards city life an opportunity to unplug from it all and soak up the rural pace of life and the natural beauty of the area. Plus, the sweet scent of hay may forever remind you of your special day!

5.     The lower price tag for decorating the venue. What goes great with a rustic-themed barn wedding? DIY décor, of course! Besides, most barns are beautiful enough in their own right and require very little by way of extra decoration for the main event. With just a few strings of vintage Edison lights and some well-placed flower arrangements, most of the heavy lifting for creating your ideal wedding ambience will already be complete.

6.     Welcoming, charming, un-stuffy atmosphere. Since barn weddings tend to be less formal than traditional church weddings, you can offer your guests a low-key, people-oriented experience that is less about becoming “Bridezilla” and more about bringing two families together. Your guests will love feeling like they can sneeze without drawing undue attention!

7.     Barn weddings mean you can wear whatever you want. With a barn wedding, you can truly wear whatever you wish. Whether you’d like a traditional white dress or your most flattering pair of jeans, getting married in a barn means you have the freedom to dictate how you look and feel when you tie the knot. Floral prints, pillowy checkered dresses with a statement hat, and cowgirl boots are welcome here!

8.     Unparalleled photo ops. Even though your wedding will likely only take one day, the photo opportunities you will have will live on for a lifetime. Whether you are looking for bridesmaid photos in front of a rolling, verdant backdrop or are hoping to capture your young ring bearer’s first time at a farm, the memories you make at a barn wedding will carry on for years to come.

9.     Offer your guests an opportunity to explore the surrounding area. Consider picking a locale that will act as a destination for your loved ones so that they can treat themselves to their own relaxing getaway. Share the natural beauty of North Carolina’s mountains for an experience they will never forget!

10.  Invest in rural areas. When it comes to distributing wealth, it’s easy to spend your money in all the usual places. Why not send the rural areas a little love by investing in a barn wedding?

Barn weddings offer guests and the happy couple alike an opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and refocus on family, nature, and slowing down. With an experience that will last a lifetime, this economical option not only offers the newlyweds an opportunity to invest in creating an unforgettable day for their families but also offers the couple a chance to invest in the rural areas that make the places they love so special.