When we host an Appalachian wedding, you, your family and your guests all become a part of out larger extended family. Our goal is to make you feel right at home, and relaxed on our property, The Barn on New River at SouthFork. We have compiled a quick list of recommendations on How to Take Care of Your Guests at a Barn Wedding, that you can think about when wedding planning. These will definitely make your guests feel right at home.


Advise your guests that there will be ample parking for around 200 guests. Having parking attendants and several golf carts to carry guests to the location of the property may be useful especially for elderly guests or guests that may be on walkers. Many couples will incorporate transportation vendors. There are several great options including a fun trolley.

Selfie Locations

Set up selfie stations throughout your venue to create places where guests can snap photographs of themselves, and their families, as well as snapshots with you can really bring your event to life. There are a few event venue partners that will bring photo booths to your wedding. If you are not going to opt to have these set up, you could think about displaying signs and spots around the reception and property that tell guests to snap a photograph or two. The entire venue is worth of a postcard, however setting aside space that your guests can congregate to take photographs will mean that your guests will experience less instances of photo bomb situations.

Cocktail Hour

The period between your ceremony and the beginning of the reception traditionally is utilized by a cocktail hour. Many couples are opting to forgo this bit of time to lead guests right into the reception. If you are not going to have the reception start with hors d’oeuvres and small plates, then you should offer guests some time in between to relax and socialize with other guests while you are getting ready for the reception and taking some after ceremony pictures with your photographer. Guests will admit that they enjoy this time at weddings as it helps everyone to unwind and prepare for the reception party coming up. During this time you could opt to put in a milk and cookie bar, or smores bar, where guests sit around a fire-pit with long skewers and marshmallows.

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Food Options

Offering a variety of diverse food options for guests that might have a gluten or dairy intolerance, allergies, or that may be adhering to a vegan or vegetarian diet is always a nice touch. Thoughtful couples will include options for everyone to enjoy when possible. It’s very hard to ensure that everyone’s needs are met but with regards to the food as some folks have incredibly sensitive allergies that are hard to prepare food around, however the more that you try and be accommodating, the more that guests will adore you for going the extra mile. Trying your very best is crucial to being fully accommodating to your guests. That does not mean that all the food has to be prepared in a nut free kitchen, or separate kitchens, it means that you do try and understand what the best way to accommodate them would be.


You should offer signage to the bathrooms and ensure that guests know where they can go and section off areas that you want to keep them away from. Having proper signage will let them know they are headed in the right direction. Ensuring that you have enough bathrooms set up around the venue will also be smart. We can give you advice on this based on the number of folks that you’ll have attending.

Yard Games

We have seen couples offer all different types of fun outdoor games that guests can enjoy while they are awaiting the reception. Croquet is a fun one that is easy to set up, as is Giant Connect Four, and the old standby, corn-hole.

Sitters on Site

If you are inviting couples with young children to the event, you could offer childcare options that will enable all to have a better time together. Hiring babysitters that will come to the wedding and look after children of guests by offering games and other fun entertainment will enable their parents to have the ultimate time. You will want to hire those that are properly vetted and that have proper CPR and other childcare certifications.


The weather is commonly cooler in our area no matter the time of year. There are hot summer days, that turn into cooler summer nights. A nice touch is to offer shawls or convenient wraps for the ladies that may not have brought along something to put on their shoulders to keep warm. There are many kinds you can purchase in bulk online, and you could even customize them with your wedding monogram.

The Barn on New River hosts elegant weddings and parties near one of the oldest rivers in the world; the South Fork of the New River. You will not find another property as remarkable as ours. It hosts a 4900 square foot barn with 30’ ceilings on 100 beautiful acres and a cabin and honeymoon suite.  We’re located in the High Country in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Boone and West Jefferson North Carolina. Take a deeper look at the venue, availability, and packages.