It can be hard to decide which is better: an outdoor or indoor wedding? The pros are pretty scenery, lighting, minimal décor, and easily accommodate large groups. The cons are the weather, bugs, may need two plans, and no grand entrance (sometimes).

For inspiration, here are some Instagram pictures of recent weddings.

Let’s jump right into the pros and cons of having an outdoor wedding:

Table of Contents


1. Beautiful scenery.

Depending on where you decide to have the wedding, you will probably have beautiful scenery. Here are a few ideas:

  • In the mountains. With these views, you’ll always have a great background.
  • In the forest. Trees provide excellent shade and lighting.
  • In a field. If the sun isn’t too hot and if it’s not too windy, this is great for a wedding.
  • On the beach. Go barefoot!
  • Under a tent. A tent provides protection from wind, sun, and rain — a good option if you’re planning an outdoor wedding.

2. Natural lighting.

The sun gives natural lighting that’s hard to beat. Avoid, however, direct sunlight at the highest point in the day. Evening sunsets give the best light.

3. Minimal necessary décor.

The landscape provides the best décor you need for great decoration. No one will notice that there are not many decorations.

4. Accommodating to larger parties.

It’s easier to host larger gatherings like weddings when you have more space. Outdoor weddings provide this.


1. The weather.

You never know what Monther Nature may bring. Here are a few things to be prepared for:

  • Rain. Rain can come at the worst time. Gathering under a tent or having a backup plan is important.
  • Snow. This one is easy to avoid, but still likely if you want an outdoor winter wedding.
  • Wind. A gusty storm can sweep through at any time. The mountains especially can produce wind quickly.
  • Temperature. It could be either too hot or too cold depending on the season.
  • Humidity. If you’re in the south, humidity plays a big part in how the temperature feels outside. Knowing the worst time for humidity is important.
  • Light. It could be either too bright or too dark depending on cloud cover. Having a good photographer will take care of this problem.

2. Unwanted critters.

Bugs are the worst. Mosquitoes, gnats, flys, bees, and alike can make an outdoor wedding hard to sit through. Have a wedding during a time when these are not around is best. Otherwise, opt-in to have a bug repellant or a tent to minimize these guys from crashing your wedding.

3. Two plans needed.

Sometimes it’s best to have a backup option in case the first can’t happen because of rain, wind, or other factors. This one should be indoors and close by.

4. No grand entrance.

With most outdoor weddings, you’re able to see everything and it may not be possible to have a “grand” entrance for the bide and family and processional.  It may be possible to have the bride hidden, but only at select venues. Ask to make sure!

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