In literature, since the beginning of the written word, rivers have symbolized gladness and prosperity. Civilizations always chose rivers as a location because of the abundance of nutrients that they provide. They make living easier, and that is exactly what we try and capture at The Barn on New River at SouthFork. Laid back, relaxed, river living. River weddings are spectacular and specifically, New River weddings are magical. What sets a New River wedding apart from others?

The New River is formed by the confluence of the South Fork New River and the North Fork New River located along the Alleghany and Ashe county border. Your ceremony will take place near the headwaters of the river. This is an amazing opportunity for symbolism in your special day. You are creating a new life together, much like the New River is created by the joining of these two rivers.

The river can create other symbols related to your love and bond as a couple. Your love will stand the tests of time. You have grown as a couple and carved out a way of life together and now you are ready to make a statement showing everyone how you feel. There is no better place to get married than the New River, as it is one of the oldest rivers in the world. Your soul will find rest and your spirit will be indulged by the sights and sounds of the river. Like your bond, the river has withstood the natural changes over time. It carved out the New River gorge, and valley that surrounds our property creating picturesque scenes. There is something spiritual about standing on ground that has been shaped and formed by the majestic river and saying, #IDoOnTheNew.

Something unique about the New River is the direction in which the waters flow. Like your love, the river is different from all the rest in the region. Instead of flowing in the usual west to eastward pattern, as other rivers in the area, the New River flows in a northward pattern.

The land that surrounds the river at SouthFork is mostly flat. Sure, you will see mountains as you drive in, and you will catch a glimpse or two or the large stone rocks that the mountains are comprised of. You can explore the area and hike to mountaintops. There are certainly rock ledges and faces all along the river, however the lush valley surrounding this North Carolina Mountain wedding venue is mostly flat. There is even a gorgeous pond located nearby. This means that your guests will not have too much trouble getting around, walking the property and exploring the valley nearby during your wedding weekend. You can even set up yard games and other fun little locations throughout the property for your guests to enjoy after the ceremony.

The New River is mostly untouched, and natural. Many rivers across the southeast, including several mountain rivers have witnessed a great deal of development and settlements of larger towns. The New River is dotted with small little towns and enclaves and has not been spoiled at all.

Secluded and serene, The Barn on New River at SouthFork is far away from it all. Our location allows you fully immerse yourself in your big day, or wedding weekend, and enjoy the natural surroundings. The area has spotty cell service for most major carriers, so you can choose to turn life off, and be fully present in these moments that you will never forget. Imagine a place where you can drive in and enjoy a farm to table dinner at a nearby location, and then sit by the river and listen to the night sounds of the water flowing and the frogs and crickets chirping. Fireflies create a lightshow that you will never forget. Then, you can wake early in the morning and go for a bike ride along the famous Railroad Grade biking path, or enjoy meditation along the river.

We would love to host your wedding or next event. We are the premier Western North Carolina wedding venue and one of the only ones located along a river locale. Find out more by clicking to information we’ve provided on Planning an Appalachian Wedding, and Ways to Elevate your Barn Wedding.

The Barn on New River hosts elegant weddings and parties near one of the world’s oldest rivers: the South Fork of the New River. You will not find another property as remarkable as ours. It hosts a 4900 square foot barn with 30’ ceilings on 100 beautiful acres and a cabin and honeymoon suite.  We’re located in the High Country in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Boone and West Jefferson North Carolina. Take a deeper look at the venue, availability, and packages.