If you’re looking for an amazing location to tie the knot, look no further than Boone, NC! There are endless reasons why this charming town makes the perfect spot for your wedding. Here are our top 7:

1.     Unbeatable scenery. Nestled in the foothills of Appalachia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s hard to ignore the stunning backdrop of Grandfather Mountain or the ancient New River as it flows by sporting myriad fish. The river spans over 300 miles through North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia before its confluence with the Gauley River in West Virginia, and its placid waters lend themselves perfectly for canoeing, kayaking, and other watersports.

2.     Winery tours. If you love wine, this one’s a must! With your choice of wineries within a stone’s throw of the town limits, sourcing the wine for your big day will no longer be a looming unknown. Savor the high country flavor from the regional terroir at some of the best wineries in North Carolina! This also makes a great activity for bridesmaids or groomsmen for days leading up to the big event!

3.     Charming accommodations like bed and breakfasts. If you’re looking for a rustic, mountain getaway where you can unplug from it all during your honeymoon, you will find this and more in the small town of Boone. With no shortage of 4-star and above accommodations, including some with a spa or a roaring fireplace, Boone boasts a host of special B&Bs ranging from historic homes to mountain lodgings for a romantic honeymoon atmosphere you will never forget.

4.     Outdoor activities. If you or anyone in your party enjoys outdoor recreation, you will love spending time in Boone! Just 35 minutes from Grandfather Mountain State Park and even less to closer parks like Moses H. Cone Memorial or Julian Price Memorial, you will love the opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, backpacking, fishing, hunting, and more in the rich natural environment of Boone. Outdoor activities are a healthy, wholesome way to make memories with the whole family—the perfect way to balance out your yummy weekend winery tour!

5.     Barn weddings or outdoor weddings. Boone and the surrounding area offer a few choice outdoor wedding venues like The Barn on New River, which is perched on 100 verdant acres on the Southfork of New River. With an iconic barn featuring 30-foot ceilings, this outdoor wedding space offers an organic, romantic-yet-sensible vibe that will leave brides feeling special but also low-maintenance at the same time. Outdoor weddings can be a gift for everyone in your family, as they are accessible to family members of all denominations and beliefs. This—coupled with the spectacular backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains—makes for an inclusive, gorgeous celebration that is fun for the whole family.

6.     Live music. Do you want live music at your wedding? Do you want music that even the kids in the family can dance and sing to? Consider hiring local musicians from Boone or nearby Mountain City to provide live entertainment on your big day. This is not only a great way to support the local arts, but also solves the problem of trying to hire a DJ or emcee. This region of Appalachia is known for its folk and bluegrass music that is sure to get even those least inclined to dance to tap their feet!

7.     Historic Appalachian charm. With historic roots reaching back to 1872, Boone features an active storefront dating back to 1913 called Mast General Store, which still acts as a general store to this day. With several other cultural and historic landmarks including various museums to entertain and educate your guests, Boone is a unique place to tie the knot that offers creatives, musicians, and outdoorsmen alike a rich and varied playground. Your guests will love to visit Boone, with ample opportunities for fun for all ages!

Best Time of Year to Get Married in Boone, NC

If you’re thinking about Boone, NC weddings, you’re likely interested in what time of year is best for your special day. While it is widely accepted that fall is the peak wedding season in Appalachia due to the transitioning of the leaves from green to other colors and the cooler weather. However, if it’s natural beauty and cooler weather you’re after, you may find that a spring wedding in Boone might be in order—if you really want to get savvy, call your favorite wedding venue in advance and see if they offer seasonal discounts for couples looking to wed in the offseason.

If it’s cheapest to host your barn wedding in winter or summer, check with the venue if they can accommodate for the weather through central heating or AC.

Boone, NC Weddings: The Barn on New River

With rolling green pastures and misty, timber-studded mountains, there’s a lot to love about this region of the United States. It’s no wonder the charming, rugged landscape of Boone, NC was named for explorer and adventurer Daniel Boone! What better way for you and your loved one to embark on a new life of exploration and adventure than in the high country town of Boone?

Want to know if The Barn on New River has any availability for your dreamy country wedding? Contact us today to reserve your booking!