There is no such thing as a right or wrong wedding reception venue – only what’s right for the marrying couple and wedding guests. In the same way there is no shortage of venues to host a wedding, there is similarly no shortage of ways to have a wedding reception. Fortunately for couples residing in Ashe County, North Carolina, The Barn On The New River offers opportunities for both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions. Whether you’re from Todd, Lansing, Warrensville, West Jefferson, or even in the town of Boone over in Watauga County, The Barn On The New River is the mountain wedding venue that can cover all of your wedding reception needs.

Choosing Between An Indoor And Outdoor Wedding Reception Venue

One of the great things about Ashe and Watauga Counties is the thriving creative communities. Within Ashe County alone, towns like West Jefferson have art districts and year-round art exhibitions to showcase the works of local artists and craftspeople. Some towns even have art festivals once or multiple times a year.

Traditional mountain music is also highly popular within Ashe County, with many communities holding music festivals at least once a year. As such, there are plenty of opportunities for residents to exercise their creative juices – both indoors and out. It only makes sense that there should be a wedding reception venue that offers ample opportunities for both outdoor and indoor creativity, and The Barn On The New River is that venue!

Of course, there is the question of choosing between an outdoor and indoor wedding. Some questions that often come to mind include how much it would be to have an outdoor wedding vs indoor wedding. There’s also the question of how much creative freedom can be exercised and if there’s enough space for it. Luckily for couples looking for a wedding reception venue that can offer both indoor and outdoor experiences, The Barn On The New River is here to answer some of those questions!

The Pros and Cons Of An Indoor Wedding Reception Venue

Depending on the type of wedding a couple wants to have and the number of guests who are expected to attend, an indoor reception can either be godsend or a creative nightmare. The important thing to consider is the personal preferences of the couple getting married and the needs of their guests. If any special accommodations need to be made, this too can inform the type of wedding reception venue they choose, especially for ensuring a pleasant experience for all.

The pros of having an indoor wedding reception venue include:

  • Not having to worry about the weather
  • The convenience of air conditioning and heating
  • More freedom to setup extravagant decorations with minimal risks
  • Better accommodations for individuals with a disabilities
  • Limitless opportunities for weddings all year long

The cons of an indoor wedding reception venue aren’t much, but can still be inconvenient if:

  • The number of attendants exceeds the maximum capacity
  • Photographers and special needs individuals don’t have space to move around

Overall, indoor wedding reception venues are ideal for highly creative couples and guests who want to enjoy a lavish wedding and have a small to moderate number of guests, including ones with disabilities.

The Pros and Cons Of An Outdoor Wedding Reception Venue

Of course, not every couple is going to want a highly flamboyant, Hollywood-style wedding with tons of decor, expensive champaign, gourmet food, and fancy-looking tables. There are also couples and guests who prefer the natural beauty of the great outdoors and fresh mountain air, surrounded with lush forests, rivers, and wildlife. Some may prefer to have a beer while hanging out on a courtyard, enjoying grilled barbecues and outdoor games and activities. Some may even prefer a live band at their wedding reception. In this particular case, an outdoor wedding reception venue may be best.

The pros of an outdoor wedding reception venue include:

  • The gorgeous, natural landscape
  • Less time and money spent on decorations
  • More space for accommodating a large number of guests
  • More space for photographers and cameramen to move freely to get the right angles
  • Lots of natural lighting for photos and videos

While outdoor wedding reception venues don’t have many cons either, they still include:

  • Being subjected to unpredictable weather conditions and storms
  • Poor accommodations for people with disabilities
  • Limited opportunities for weddings all year long

For the most part, outdoor wedding reception venues are ideal for couples and guests who have a stronger affinity for the great outdoors and are highly familiar with yearly weather patterns to plan their weddings carefully and expect to have a great number of guests.

How The Barn Can Be Used For Indoor Wedding Receptions

The great thing about The Barn On The New River is that it has something for everyone and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor wedding receptions. The Barn itself is large and spacious enough to accommodate up to 200 guests. The space between the floor and highest ceiling is 30 feet and occupies a good 4900 square feet of space. In addition to the main hall that has plenty of space for tables and chairs and enough space for the bride to walk down the aisle, it also has a loft with dining tables and chairs.

The Barn even comes equipped with a Sonos system, a kitchen, string lighting and gorgeous Swarovski crystal chandeliers. There are, of course, bathrooms, granite countertops, and a bar that services both The Barn and the outdoor stone cocktail areas. The Barn even has a few rooms for smaller group gatherings, such as the popular Dahlia Suite. This room can be used for the bride and her bridesmaids to do their makeup as it comes with a 12 foot mirror and a set of antique chairs. It even has a sofa and a mimosa bar. Just as excellent as the Dahlia Suite is the Lounge, which comes with a bar and comfortable seating.

For creative couples who want to exercise their more artistic side, The Barn offers plenty opportunities to decorate and can be held for up to 5 days. The only requirement is that decorations requiring ladder use be handled by insured vendors.

How The Large Stone Cocktail Area Can Be Used For Outdoor Receptions

In addition to facilitating highly memorable indoor wedding receptions, The Barn On The New River also has plenty of opportunities for majestic outdoor mountain wedding receptions. Outside The Barn is 100 acres of lush green land bordered only by the historic Southfork of the New River, forests native to the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains, the farm itself and stunning mountain views.

The Barn’s vast outdoor premise comes with a ceremony site that stands in front of a great pond with a fountain and an arbor, which is perfect for photographers. The Barn has an outdoor stone cocktail area perfect for barbecues, outdoor dining, and live music for the reception itself. Guests even get access to the gorgeous Dahlia Garden and the Old Hay Barn. The latter has a covered cocktail area and a fire pit that’s perfect for hanging out, with plenty of space for yard games.

The Barn On The New River Provides Guest Accommodations

The last amazing thing about The Barn On The New River that makes it the perfect wedding reception venue is the on-site guest accommodations. The Barn has The Cabin, which has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, a large kitchen, a dining area, and three ponds outside. There is also the main house, which has The Honeymoon Suite, complete with its own private entrance. The Honeymoon Suite comes equipped with a full kitchen, a small living room, and a single bedroom.

For guests who aren’t able to use on-site accommodations, The Barn On the New River is near other off-site rental cabins, hotels, Downtown West Jefferson rentals, and other rental companies. Some of the more popular off-site accommodations include All Decked Out, River Rocks, Unicorn Log Cabin, The Feathered Nest, Blue Ridge Dreams, and Sky Loft.

Last but not least, The Barn On The New River also offers shuttle services to guests who need a ride.