Appalachia may stretch across a wide swath of the eastern United States, but there is not a better place to host Appalachian Weddings than at The Barn on New River at SouthFork in Ashe County. Not only are we located right beside one of the oldest rivers in the world (3rd oldest to be exact), but we are found in a culturally rich location of Western North Carolina, where you’ll find Appalachian State University, in a community one county over.

We host all types of mountain weddings and only one per weekend, giving you unlimited access to our property. You can learn more about our North Carolina mountain wedding venue and its amazing amenities by clicking over to Our Venue.

When folks think of Appalachia, they think of the mountains that are filled with hard working, down to Earth, relaxed kinfolk that like to have a good time and that know how to combine southern hospitality with the most fun libations. The Barn on New River at SouthFork is just that kind of place in the Appalachian Mountains that you can make your own and have an enormous celebrate with up to 200 guests on your wedding day.

Historically, this part of Appalachia was primarily a Native American hunting ground. Daniel Boone himself spent time in nearby Obids hunting and trapping. Later, the Virginia Creeper train brought a population and commerce boom to the area, and created the towns of Todd and West Jefferson, nearby. Today, our area is filled with Appalachian culture and places that you can enjoy yesteryear’s Appalachian way of life. You can check out works of art from local weavers downtown, catch a bluegrass show at one of the local watering holes, or head over to one of the long forgotten general stores and catch an old time jamboree featuring live music and locals flat foot mountain dancing. You may even hear someone talking about the favored local libation known as moonshine.

The Appalachian Mountains are comprised of 6 geographic locations, and our little enclave along the river is found in the most beautiful region of all, the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are called as such because of the distinct blue hue that can be seen when looking at them from a distance. The blueish color comes from trees; we have many lush, green trees in our river valley. Trees release isoprene into the atmosphere and create the haze that is seen over the mountains, giving them their name. You can read more about Blue Ridge Mountain weddings, in our article, Something Blue: A Blue Ridge Mountain Wedding.

When considering a mountain destination wedding, we hope you will reach out to us and plan a visit. We would be glad to show you around the grounds and allow you to see the property. If you have any questions about hosting your Appalachian wedding here, we would be glad to help provide answers. Our goal is to make everyone, you, your guests and your families feel welcome and like you are a part of our family while here. You can find out more about the area by visiting information on area things to do in West Jefferson, Ashe County places to shop, and the best places for pictures in West Jefferson. Planning an outdoor barn wedding? We feature information on Ways to Elevate your Barn Wedding, and Reasons Why a Barn Wedding is Better than All the Rest.

The Barn on New River hosts elegant weddings and parties near one of the world’s oldest rivers: the South Fork of the New River. You will not find another property as remarkable as ours. It hosts a 4900 square foot barn with 30’ ceilings on 100 beautiful acres and a cabin and honeymoon suite.  We’re located in the High Country in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Boone and West Jefferson North Carolina. Take a deeper look at the venue, availability, and packages.