If you’re interested in wedding venues in Boone, NC, you likely already know about the rustic high country appeal North Carolina’s mountains offer. Whether you’re a local resident or a Boone fan looking to plan a dreamy destination wedding, Boone has a lot to offer the young newlywed couple and their families. But what makes a good wedding venue? In this article, we discuss what to look for in a wedding venue as well as reasons why you may consider an outdoor wedding in charming Boone.

When it comes time to pick your wedding venue, there’s a lot to keep in mind. From budget planning to contingency plans, finding the perfect wedding venue takes some proper forethought and due diligence—but don’t worry! We’ve outlined the top ten tips to keep in mind for selecting the right wedding venue for you and your hunnie.

1.     Come up with a budget. When it comes to setting a financial guideline for your special day, it’s best to come up with a comprehensive budget and plan for ways to finance your wedding without causing undue financial strain. Don’t forget to allow for a little extra financial padding for last-minute endeavors or emergency response funds! And remember, a budget is only as good as how much you are able to keep to it.

2.     Settle on a theme. Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to picking your venue is the general vibe you want to experience during your special day and what you want to share with your guests. If you’re planning a fairytale wedding, for example, you may be interested in getting married in a natural, forested setting; others may opt for the low-key, family-oriented vibe of a barn wedding. Picking the ambiance for your big event is part of what will make your wedding special, but there’s no need to kill yourself splurging for the most expense-heavy themes for your wedding. (Pro Tip: for a budget-friendly wedding, select a theme that allows simple, cost-effective décor to shine such as an outdoor wedding with breathtaking natural scenery. For a wedding like this, you may exclusively opt for floral arrangements as your primary decorative touch!)

3.     Look for deals. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to cut every luxury expense, it can be beneficial to look for wedding venues that offer some kind of seasonal discount. For example, most savvy wedding planners know that planning for an outdoor wedding can often be a less-costly alternative to traditional church weddings, especially during the wedding “offseason.” That being said, a thoughtful bride will keep her guests’ comfort in mind when planning her wedding, so make sure you have ways people can keep cool in the summer or stay warm in the winter! Try booking well in advance for better rates.

4.      Keep all your guests in mind. When it comes to selecting a venue, it can be tempting to go with an option that fits your wedding theme best—but what good is the perfectly executed theme if you aren’t equally prioritizing the comfort of each of your guests? Keep ADA compliances in mind for your wedding venue for an experience everyone can enjoy; even considerations like offering alcohol alternatives at the bar or allergy-friendly catering can go a long way—and remember to keep bathroom facilities abundant and accessible!

5.     Consider catering and vendor opportunities. Considering how you want to accommodate your guests with food and vendor options is a large part of selecting the perfect wedding venue. Looking for a fun, accessible vibe by offering multiple catering food trucks at your wedding? Consider getting married at a farm or in an area where there is ample parking and walking space.

6.     Keep neighbors in mind. If you’re hoping to get married at a particular facility or event space, keep noise ordinances in mind when it comes to planning a reception to remember for a long, long time. If you don’t wish to plan your celebrations around your neighbors’ quiet hours, it may be best for you to get married in a private, rural event space where you can make all the noise you want!

7.     Is set up/tear down straightforward and easy? Some people may want their wedding party at the top of a mountain after a fifteen-mile hike, this isn’t exactly the easiest option when it comes time to cut the cake. Consider a venue that is easily accessed by truck or van so setting up for festivities and cleaning up after is simple and painless.

8.     Know the size of your guest list. The dreamiest wedding venue on the planet won’t do you much good if it can’t accommodate the extent of your guest list. Asking your loved ones to RSVP by a certain date can help mitigate both booking a venue beyond your needs and not offering enough space for your guests. Accommodating everyone also includes providing adequate parking space for each guest?

9.     Can your venue accommodate special circumstances? If you want a live band or an epic BBQ or both at your wedding, the right wedding venue will be able to accommodate your needs—no matter how off-the-wall! Part of this comes with talking comprehensively with your wedding planner to make sure no stone is left unturned in preparing for your special day! For every plan in place, it’s wise to come up with contingency plans, so guests have alternative entertainment if the DJ doesn’t show for example. Also, ask an abundance of questions with event space staff upfront so you are clear on what’s included, and what may come at an extra charge.

10.  Read the reviews. Of course, you have to take public reviews of wedding venues with a grain of salt—but appropriately vetting an event space is an important part of your duty as newlyweds when selecting a venue. Part of this process includes reviewing reviews for tips, red flags, and endorsements to better understand what you are getting into with a contract.

There are a lot of reasons to want to get married in Boone, but the unique, high country atmosphere makes for a romantic and unforgettable experience for traveling guests and locals alike. The best wedding venues in Boone, NC will offer intimacy and privacy, enough space for guests, and easy accessibility for vendors, set up, and tear down. Of course, you’ll want to feel like you’re getting a deal—so inquire well in advance to see if your desired wedding venue will offer seasonal discounts.

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