Barn weddings are beautiful. But before you fully decide on a barn wedding as the venue, there are a few things to consider.

The biggest things to note are climate, air circulation, temperature, rain (or snow), bathrooms, electricity, kitchen, running water, lighting, landscaping, rentals, location, space, parking, and bugs. 

We break it down so you can be fully prepared:


The weather plays a big part on your big day — especially if it’s an outdoor wedding. Avoid the extreme months when the weather is prone to be too hot or too cold.

It’s hard to control a barn‘s climate during these months. Ask the venue director about the climate of the barn before booking for your wedding.

Air circulation

In the same breath, is there AC or heat in the barn? Some venues do not have this yet. If it’s an open-space venue, this may not apply.

Tour the venue before booking to know if it’s an open-air or enclosed space with adequate air circulation.


If there are two levels in the barn, will the upper part be too hot during your spring wedding? It’s best to ensure that the environment is suitable for a wedding before everyone arrives.

Research the average temperature where the barn so you know what to expect.

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Rain (or snow)

Some barns have leaky roofs. Know that the structure will hold during a rainstorm before you wed.

As a side point, will the reception be outside? Have a backup plan against before guests arrive.


Are there any? This seems like a silly question, but some places don’t have them.

If the barn does, are they climate-controlled? A really hot or cold bathroom is not desirable to use.


Most barns these days have electricity, but it’s worth noting. The venue will need a high threshold to handle that much activity.

Make sure the breakers will not flip during the ceremony or reception.


Is there space to handle food? Caterers can be expensive, but it may be worth it to pay for the proper handling of food.

Consider the care of your guests when budgeting for food. It may be expensive, but having is sick guest is a terrible thing.

Running water

Does it have running water? Whoever caters your reception will need both a kitchen and running water to ensure the proper care of your guests.

No running water means no health inspection. Therefore, it may not be a proper place to handle food.


Barns tend to be dark places. Natural light is great for pictures, but unless you and your (bride)groom are not near a window, it may be hard to get a great shot.

A cloudy day can make picture taking even worse. Talk with your photographer about the venue to get a better idea about lighting.

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Your guests will make assumptions about the quality of your wedding as soon as they drive up to the barn.

Things to consider are:

  • Freshly-mowed grass
  • Blooming plants
  • Groomed trees
  • Fresh mulch


Only a few barns offer all-inclusive services such as food, chair, and table rentals. Ask to check if rentals are available.

If they do not offer this, then find a nearby rental agency that delivers. It may be cheaper to pick it up and drop off yourself, but it takes a lot more time and energy.


Consider where the barn is. Is it far from the hotel or shops? If it’s in the middle of the woods (which could be a beautiful location), then research what’s nearby.


When touring, the venue may feel large, but when guests, tables, chairs, speakers, food, and other wedding things come in, space is much more limited.

Think about all things you need in the venue and plan accordingly. Your venue coordinator should know how many people can fit in the venue.


Lots of cars need lots of space. A paved parking lot is ideal, a gravel parking lot will do, and a firm field can be acceptable.

A muddy field, however, is not acceptable for at a wedding. Allow proper parking for your guests so they don’t have to walk in muddy areas.


These little pests come out at the worst time. Either plan during a time when they don’t come out or provide adequate care to repel these critters.

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